Check out this great piece on the nature of art from K.B.!

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, K.B.'s got a column on the whole Martin-Scorsese-doesn't-like-Marvel kerfuffle. Weirdly, even though K.B. is the one here who actually likes Marvel movies, she seems to have more sympathy for Scorsese on this than I do.

I often think all these struggles to define what art is really boil down to fear—a fear that elitism will strangle joy out of what it is we all enjoy consuming. Whether it’s the teacher who tells the child they can’t read a graphic novel because it’s not a “real book” or the movie director who tells the journalist he doesn’t believe franchise movies are “cinema,” those with entertainment tastes that verge on the pedestrian take offense out of fear of being viewed as less-than. But Martin Scorsese is afraid, too.

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