Check out K.B.'s new book, Hunter!

While you wait for the thrilling conclusion to K.B.'s Breeder cycle, you can check out Hunter, the devastating prequel. On an earth under attack, Daniel Cohen and his would-be girlfriend Emma find themselves trapped in the Virginian wilderness. Will they survive the unforgiving landscape—and even if they do, will they succumb to the alien onslaught or Daniel's abusive father?

I had this to say about it:

Alien invasion stories are a dime a dozen, and prequels are famously tricky to do right, but Hoyle manages to thread the needle with a tale that’s both heart-pounding and devastatingly human. HUNTER is a story of people trapped between monsters within and without, and is at once unsettling, intimate, and impossible to put down.

You can buy Hunter on Amazon now.

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